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Review on Cannon Selphy CP900 - (Scrapbook edition)

I love my selphy cp900
Apps- Photo Collage / Cannon iEPP
Photo Ways : I've recently got one of these. It won't work on Win10, but if you've got a Win7 machine,it's great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pSFxM90_HQ
Prahlad Ved : Not showing the printer wifi in my mobile so how to do tell me answer fast
MR. X : 2019?
Thumb A like
Alicam Baughurst : Hey Emily, its me Katie one of your Roblox friends please chec out my chanle please Emily
Esther Bernstein : cool
Camara mohamed kaman : CP900 est un produit ideal pour moi..
yassi alcantara : what app you use to this video
MyRosieDay : Thank you for making this video. I know it's not new, but you helped me get my phone connected to my Selphy and I printed my first pictures today! It's been frustrating., but now... Oh wow, the fun begins :) TFS, Mary
Jip Jackson : This is pretty cool, we need something like this that will spit out hard copy photos in a decent size like the old 3x5's and for a good price per print, I just wonder how much more over the .14 cents does ink factor in because I know my color printer eats through it when printing photos (why I never do) and ink is sooo over priced I tell ya what a racket.
I swear I've taken a
lot of photos since the old days of takin it the store for development but number of times I look through them? Almost zero.  In the future? Same I'm sure, a monitor just is no way near holding a photo.  Although I have yet to see a digital photo printout that I couldn't tell was just that, the old film had a certain feel to it that was more true to color/contrast to me but I'm sure they'll get better.
Jip Jackson : Haha that phone case is not male front pocket friendly, zouch.

Yealink CP900 Speakerphone - Audio Tests & Overview

The Yealink CP900 Speakerphone is a great sounding portable speakerphone and made for Microsoft Teams! With 12 hours of battery life, the CP900 is great for working or listening on the go!

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MR. Laughy : The microphone isn’t working when i am in a call? Do you know the problem?
Keith Brighton : Thanks for all the great videos, after a new speaker phone with Teams button, for my price point seems it’s between Yealink CP900 or EPOS 30T, which one do you recommend? Or is there something else? The Jabra 750 is really out of my budget.
Chris Peluso : Can you re-program the MS Teams button if you're not using Teams? Or what is the native response when pressing the Teams button and Teams is not available? (I use a Mac, by the way) Thank you!
Romel Carino : can you pair this with another cp900 and be on the same call? thanks.

The Ambient Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Speakerphone! (Yealink CP900)

This is the Yealink CP900, a Bluetooth Portable USB Speakerphone for professionals on-the-go! Perfect for holding meetings and teleconferences, or even using personally with your phone for wireless high quality calls!

More Info: https://www.yealink.com/products_150.html

MS Teams: https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software

Highlight features:

• Premium HD Voice for calls and music
• 6.5-foot (two-meter) 360-degree microphone pickup range
• Six-microphone beam-forming array for full-duplex experience
• USB or Bluetooth connectivity for notebooks, smartphones and tablets
• 12 Hours of Talk Time with Long Battery Life

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